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Introducing Apicius Korea

The first official campus of Apicius

Apicius Korea is the first official campus , which was established in Ulsan, Korea in July, 2018.
Our curriculum and courses consist accordingly of those of Apicius Florence. All of our courses are conducted by faculty of Apicius Florence. We aim to foster worldwide culinary experts through our education system.

Also, due to the identical education program with Apicius Florence, which is one of the best culinary schools in Italy, you can get a certificate of Apicius, Florence University of the Arts.

Apicius Korea will introduce Italian foods and culinary culture to Korea and will help to enhance the relationships between Italy and Korea. We provide the education on authentic Italian cuisine.

Philosophy of Apicius Korea

  • appreciating Italian culture and tradition
  • faithful to the basics and pursuing legitimacy
  • through systematic and strict education
  • leading a path to culinary experts