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WACS Wax Certification Program

APICIUS Master Programs & WACS

Apicius provide Global certificates available for international and authoritative use worldwide.

WACS certificate issuing

Among the students who have completed the excellent cooking program of Apicius recognized by WACS, a master course graduate is issued with a certificate of accreditation

  • YEAR1
    Basic common education
    food, wine, wellness

    cooking / baking and pastry/ wine / hospitality management etc.

  • YEAR2
    cooking, WACS Commis Chef Authentication

    - baking & pastry commis chef
    - Wine Research and oneology
    - wellness, health, dietetics

    cooking, WACS Chef de Partie certification

    baking & pastry Chef de Partie


Global certificates can be achieved for international and authoritative use anywhere in the world.

What is WACS?

WACS, a food-certified and opinion leader about food, is an organization that represents the voice of all the issues concerning cooking around the world.

It is a non-political professional organization to improve and maintain the standards of international cuisine, and it also strives to achieve this through the production, education, and training of professionalism around the world.
Founded in Paris in 1928, WACS was originally a world organization formed by 36 countries at that time, with 82 countries currently participating as members now, and WACS Congress (general meeting of representatives) is held every two years.

WACS character and role
WACS is a non-governmental organization of professional chefs and is an international membership organization of chefs, and its role is to raise and develop standards of world cuisine through professional development, education, and training related to cooking.

As an opinion leader and official organization on food, it represents worldwide opinions on all aspects of the job as a cook.

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