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About Apicius

Apicius provides the best education system and environment for people all over the world who are interested and passionate about Italian cuisine and food culture, and opens the way for the world's best professional talents.

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Education Program

A professional and proven curriculum covering regular, short-term, top-level master courses, amateur programs, and internships are conducted simultaneously at both Apicius Firenze and Apicius KOREA.

Regular courses Short courses Special short courses


For the first time in Korea, the education program at Florence University, Italy is applied on the same way in Korea and Italy.

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World Association of Chefs Societies
WACS Certification Program

Introduce WACS certified program of Apicius University that was certified in Intaly for the first time.

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Experience Apicius Korea in person.

Appointment call required for consultation. Mobile : 010-4480-1498 Mail : info@apiciuskorea.co.kr